Gran Fondo World Tour 2020 Trips

Sea to Mountains
Andorra – Girona

Catalunya Experience

From rolling Costa Brava coastline to the sharp Pyrenees Mountains, our May adventure has it all.

Luxuriate in the smooth, quiet roads of Girona and experience the amazing diversity of Catalunya which surrounds this iconic cycling destination. Feel the warm sun on your back as you ride the training roads of the many professional cyclists who choose Girona as home for its many benefits — quiet roads, great people, wonderful food and easy transport access. Truly experience this iconic location for yourself, at your pace with a fabulous custom designed agenda. Within our trip, is the Sea Otter Europe Festival, a cycling enthusiast dream. As guests of the GFWT, you will have an exclusive inside path to all Sea Otter has to offer, with VIP access to the fabulous Sea Otter Cylobrava Gran Fondo Ride and Expo. A pinnacle few days will include cycling through the stunning Catalan countryside and discovering the cycling roads of GFWT home in Andorra, where we will share with you our secret gems, experiencing WorldTour climbs showcasing inspiring views which will leave you longing to return. Experience more with GFWT.


Explore Kazakhstan

Some of the most unexpected places in the world offer the most amazing experiences on two wheels, and Kazakhstan is one of those places. Known in cycling firstly for its Astana Pro Cycling Team, Kazakhstan has two events on the GFWT 2020 Calendar. Take in the beauty of its natural settings and be embraced by its warm people, Kazakhstan is truly the unexpected. Wide open valleys, rugged peaks and a culture rich in tradition awaits!

Dani Buyo, GFWT’s CEO, lived in Kazakhstan for three seasons, speaks the Russian, knows exactly how to experience the most of this amazing location. Dani has used his personal experience to craft a trip filled with the best Nur-Sultan has to offer on a bike and off it! Join us for the splendor of riding on old and new roads, perhaps some gravel, definitely some breathtaking scenery.. mosques and mountains. People say.. can you ride your bike in Kazakhstan??.. YES.. you can with us.


Korea Adventures

South Korea is the lesser known hidden gem of East Asia, with its thousands of years of dynasties, temples, soaring mountains, rivers and beaches, surrounding its thriving and ultra modern capital Seoul. Hold the key to an enthralling and thrilling experience for those lucky enough to seize this opportunity to visit this amazing location. South Korea, where in one ride you can easily experience the energy and modernity of Seoul, the breathtaking foothills of its mountains, meet its warm and enthusiastic people, visit temples and monasteries by bicycle and be back to enjoy a tasty gourmet dinner. Due to its amazing Four Major Rivers project with its over 600km of bike paths, it’s possible to ride entirely off the road while exploring outside of Seoul, even across the entire country by bike! Perhaps the most unexpected and unique yet amazing bike trip you will ever take, experiencing culture, old and new, entirely by road bike! A true Once a lifetime cycling experience!


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