2020 GFWT® Series

Rolling Ranking

Gran Fondo World Tour® Series Ranking is open to all cyclists, regardless of riding level.

Become a GFWT Member for free and complete one event, it’s that easy!

Once a participant finishes one event, they enter the series ranking, with the leader after each event receiving a leader’s jersey.

Each month, a random ranking number will be drawn and that rider will receive a GFWT gift. 

THE GFWT® series ranking is to inspire, motivate and build a stronger cycling community. Join the Gran Fondo World Tour® today!

Riding a Gran Fondo World Tour event is a great experience in itself, but to make it even more worth your while, we are recognizing
members of the Gran Fondo World Tour Community who participate in our events in two ways.
All participants in our events will get commemorative GFWT badges specific to the event, both in a physical cloth badge and in digital form.
For those who enjoy the challenge of competition and pushing themselves, we will award a winners jersey at each event and have an annual ranking to recognize your achievements over the year.   The winner of each event will receive 1000 points and every rider will receive points based on their finish time and the percentage that they are behind the winner, with a minimum of 600 points for all finishers.
Participants in the championship event will get a bonus of 50% points.   Participants in non-timed events will all get 900 points.
For example:
Winner: Peter Jones, time 4:45:00, 1000 points
Finisher: Julie Peterson, time 5:20:00, 878 points
FInisher: Sven Schmidt, time 7:28:00, 600 points
At the end of the season the top riders in our ranking will receive a season winners jersey.