Styrkeproven Peugeot Grand Prix new challenge for Gran Fondo World Tour cyclists

Styrkeproven, Norway, with more than 5 thousand participants will challenge next weekend 16-18 June on the 4th event of Gran Fondo World Tour;  with 5 distances from 532 to 60 km with 5 simultaneous starts in Trodheim-Kvam-Lillehammer-Gjovik and Eidsvol;  The 51 th edition of one of top Gran Fondo events in north of Europe.

Last year Elisabeth Solberg and Knut Sande reach the first position on longest distance, Trodheim – Oslo; with an amazing performace over 37 km/h of average speed.  This year 1.500 points wait on the arrival line for the winners to reach the leader position on the world tour.