Cyclists ride Stage 6 of the Tour de France at Cycl’Aigoual Challenge

Amateur riders finished on top of Mont Aigoual just like the professionals, at the Cycl’Aigoual Gran Fondo, part of the 2020 Gran Fondo World Tour Series

250 Amateur riders had the opportunity to ride the same roads at the 21st Cycl’Aigoual Gran Fondo last weekend, five days before the professionals rode Stage 6 of the 2020 Tour de France.

The last 50 kilometres of the 125km course were the same as Stage 6 of the 2020 Tour de France, which included the climb of 1st category Col de la Luzette with gradients of up to 15%, before tackling the finishing climb of Mont Aigoual, 7 kilometres at an average of 6%, a total of 36 km of climbing.

There were two distances, the 125km Gran Fondo and the 95m Medio Fondo.

Cycl’Aigoual Gran Fondo (125km)
Overall Men

1 Nicolas Godin 3:57:11
2 Damien Albaret 3:58:28
3 Mathieu Geniez 3:59:02

Overall Women

1 Amélie Thuin 5:23:13
2 Lucie Beteille 5:31:26
3 Delphine Basset 5:45:06

Cycl’Aigoual Medio Fondo (95km)
Overall Men

1 Cyril Bourdon 3:04:45
2 Lucas Billuart 3:06:26
3 Mikael Brunello 3:07:40

Overall Women

1 Fabienne Olivier 3:41:24
2 Sylvie Monniaux 4:07:48
3 Claude Julian 4:10:20

For full results visit: the website.

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