GRAN FONDO WORLD TOUR®  and CINCH Cycling Inc. announce their global strategic partnership, combining Cinch Cycling’s industry-leading cycling coaching services with Gran Fondo World Tour® world-class cycling events.

“We are happy to bring our cycling training knowledge and passion to Gran Fondo World Tour®. Our process is designed to guide athletes of all abilities through a continuous journey of athletic and personal progression, with high level mentorship guiding the individual every step of the way,” said Kourtney Danielson, CINCH Cycling.

Gran Fondo World Tour® is built on a passion for cycling and exploring by bike and this aligns with the coaching mission of CINCH Cycling.  CINCH will be offering individual coaching packages and plans to participants in the Gran Fondo World Tour® events along with customized plans for GFWT community members. CINCH will also attend various events on the Gran Fondo World Tour® 2020 calendar.

“We are pleased with this partnership agreement with Cinch Cycling Coaching and excited to offer to our community the experience of Tom Danielson and his coaching team around the world with their training expertise. This partnership is a good synergy to expand worldwide both brands inside the Gran Fondo community.  Personally, I felt confident when I joined Tom’s training sessions last year and I want to share his knowledge with our community,” said GRAN FONDO WORLD TOUR® CEO Dani Buyo.

“As a company, we share destinations to ride your bike and help people accomplish personal challenges through our series events. We are building an international cycling community that offers support and inspiration and offering a coaching element is the next offering to our community,” added Buyo.

About CINCH Cycling Inc.

CINCH is a cycling coaching company that believes in making athletes cycling more enjoyable through innovative training techniques that teach people to develop the skills and abilities used only in the highest level in the sport of cycling, until now. Our cycling methodology is based around the Form Performance Method created by Former World Tour Cyclist, Tom Danielson.

The CINCH FORM Performance Method is a complete solution designed to develop all aspects of an athlete through the 4 Pillars of FORM, Fitness, Nutrition, Execution, and Focus. Over the course of Tom Danielson’s 15-year professional cycling career he worked with the leading pioneers in all aspects of sports performance. As Tom continued to develop as an athlete, he learned that building a winning rider composition was a result of focusing on all aspects of what makes an athlete elite, leaving no stone unturned in the search of building the Tour de France winning performance capabilities. This pursuit of the highest level of personal progress developed into a dynamic coaching community aimed at transforming all levels of athletes into a better version of themselves. Through listening to clients’ needs and finding unique solutions for hundreds of different athletes of all backgrounds and abilities CINCH Cycling was born.