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Fill up below data to be part of the biggest Gran Fondo World Tour Ranking, and have the chance to win the 36.000 USD in prizes and other amazing exclusive promotions.

This disclaimer governs your use of data provided by using our website, you accept this disclaimer in full. If you disagree with any part of this disclaimer you can contact to to cancel present Sign In form. Data will be in exclusive used for ranking and events of Gran Fondo World Tour ® event communications.

All who complete the data and finish almost 3 events will be eligible for the final prize of $36,000 USD.

And all who complete the data and participate in almost one event of the world tour series entered into the final lottery to go to South Africa event for free**. Ride with us in Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic the final event of world tour series.

Final cash prize for Gran Fondo World Tour ® Ranking will be split amongst the top 5 Women and Men based off the following criteria: Minimum of 3 events of calendar should be completed and bonus points of Gran Wondo World ® presented by Ride with GPS must be added as bonus points.

Top 5 will receive: (same prizes for Women/Men):

1st: $6,000 USD
2nd: $4,000 USD
3th: $3,000 USD
4th: $2,000 USD
5th: $1,000 USD

** Including flight, hotel and entry fee for Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic for 1 person.