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Gran Fondo Portorose 2018 open the Gran Fondo World Tour ® 2018.

The first 2018 points for World Tour , will be over the table in Gran Fondo Portorose, new Gran Fondo World Tour ® Sponsored event to popen the series. 

First event of Gran Fondo World Tour ® 2018 calendar will be Portorose Gran Fondo (Slovenia) on 18 th March, with 4 distances: 

Pro Course 133 km (1.000 GFWT points)  , Long Course 88 km (750 points)  , Hobby Course 56 km (500 points and Family Course 42 km  (500 points) 

Registrations open for Gran Fondo Portorose: 

1000 points for all participants in long distance event , a non compatitive event that will offer the easyest points to reach the final 36.000 points of the world ranking.  As soon as is a non compatitive event all finishers witll reach 1000 points in long distance. 

Registrations here :

All participants will reach same points as non competitive events, then will be a great oportunity to reach 1.000 points for world tour ranking. Remeber that final top 3 on Gran Fondo World Tour ® ranking will take 10.000, 5.000 and 2.000 USD in men and woman, then Slovenian stage represent a good oportunity to put on the top of ranking with an early season event. 


by GFWT Staff 05/02/18

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Gran Fondo Portorose 2018 open the Gran Fondo World Tour ® 2018



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