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From Kuwait sand to Norwegian fjords stopping in Dolomites, The Gran Fondo World Tour new landscapes..

From Kuwait sand to Norwegian fjords stopping in Dolomites, The Gran Fondo World Tour new landscapes.

In just 4 weeks , the first edition of Gran Fondo World Tour ® passed from 43 ºC in Kuwait city to 3 ºC degrees trough pre Artic tundra in Norway  with an middle stop in Dolomites high mountain passes. That represents a real challenge for the participants in the events.

The characteristics was completely different, Gran Fondo Kuwait in first edition offered to participants a 7 km  track completely closed to cars where the participants turn around at pure “Sagan” style in the first gran fondo event in the Arabian Gulf. Amazing organization team and city involvement for first but not last edition, because next February the city awaits again the nearest cyclists on second edition to open the world tour of 2017. 

The middle stop, Marcialonga cycling Craft offer to the participants a completely different landscapes famous “pass” in high mountain where some weeks ago the “Giro Italia “ pro cyclist saw how “Nibali” showed that never should loose the leadership. Was a real challenge for the one thousand five hundred participants that enjoyed sun and rain on the last kilometers reaching the San Pellegrino pass at thermical sensation of 0 ºC degrees on last downhill that challenge the current leader at the moment, the Spaniards Josep Oriola  or Ziorzia Villa in front of Enrico Zen and Alexandra Hober, the final stage winner repeating 2015 result. Dolomites are enough hard to show to the participants that should take seriously a gran fondo event celebrated between its high peaks.

The month finishes with the Norwegian stage, Styrkeproven that celebrates the 50 th edition. One event created in 1967 to link the towns of middle Norway of Trondheim and –Lillehamer with the south capital Oslo. 

With a very nice origins, to emulate an world war soldier isolated in north that need to go back home using a bicycle because there is no other way to go back without train or other possibility that inspirate the pioneers of 1967 edition. Of course the participants evolutionate and actually they have close than six thousand participants in the different distances, including an army team that decide to emulate the antecessor completing the 540 km in a leisure uses bike not designed for these long distances.

Two different philosophies share the experience, fast ant trained teams that go fast with a milimetric team work to arrive as fast as possible or individual racers fighting in a reduced group where these year, Knut Sande beat all of them at hard final sprint and taking the World Tour leader shirt . But on the other hand you have real adventure “gran fonders” that reach a challenge to complete with less than 36 h the longest distance like “Willy” who after a  recent heart attack, deiced to retake the project to do the distance with an adapted bike to ride the artic tundra and fjords or the other hundreds of cyclotourists that enjoy a no dark ride on upper latitudes where the sunset is all night long.

Gran Fondo World Tour stops again in August with Golden Gran Fondo, part of National Gran Fondo Championship Series events and landing for first time in North America.

Redacted by Dani Buyo  GFWT general manager. /

by GFWT Staff 17/08/16

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